Brendan has a vast range of experience of working with both stage and screen actors, focusing on dialect acquisition and characterisation to make the voice fit an actor to the role they are playing. As a former lecturer in Linguistics Brendan has a deep knowledge of how the human speech system works and has developed a method of clear communication with clients to achieve a desired result.

From the identification of sounds which  make up any particular dialect to  various ways in which dramatic meaning is projected in the translation of  text or script to spoken dialogue Brendan Gunn has successfully managed to help actors get the results they desire. Brendan’s straightforward and clear method helps actors achieve the maximum potential in any spoken performance .

Using a range of techniques drawn from Linguistic theories and adapted to suit the dramatic process Brendan works with actors on every stage of the acting process – from  audition preparation right through to on-set consultancy.

Brendan can travel to any location or, as an alternative, carry out sessions via Skype, making it easy to focus on a role or practise for an audition. This can often mean the difference between getting or not getting a part. Being properly prepared is an essential part of the audition process and a Brendan Gunn dialect / dialogue session had proved invaluable in actors’ vocal readiness for a wide range of productions, from small theatre companies to big-budget Hollywood movies.


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