Production (film, TV and theatre)

Brendan has experience of every stage of the production process.

In theatre rehearsal he takes individual cast members through the vocal system appropriate to the role and then organises entire cast sessions where all aspects of voice in a particular production are brought together and blended into the director’s overall intention. Subsequently notes are given after press or review nights for each member of the company.

In film and TV Brendan will work with relevant cast members before (and during ) rehearsals before monitoring and giving advice to the cast on set during filming. This has been stated as a valuable service in lending dialect authenticity  and general speech clarity to the production and helping cast members feel confident about their performance without having to constantly worry about their speech, in other words Brendan Gunn Dialect/Dialogue services help an actor focus on WHAT they are saying without any insecurity about HOW they are saying it.

In the post-production phase of a project Brendan will assist at ADR sessions either in person or via Skype to maintain consistency in re-recorded dialogue and help with any additional or re-interpreted lines needed to achieve a final version of film or TV dialogue.

To discuss Brendan’s availability and rates please contact:

USA Agent:   Diane Kamp

dikamp at mac dot com




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