Brendan has a vast range of experience of working with actors & actress on a wide variety of accents.
The full list of film/television list is below and Brendan has also worked with many other actors for theatre roles.
Brendan is happy to work with actors from all backgrounds – whether they are ‘up and coming’ or experienced in the industry.

(2012) Saoirse Ronan, Dublin to English. Directed by Neil Jordan.
Neighbourhood Watch (WT) (2012). Universal.
Titanic (Series 1 (2012) Italian Accent Reduction, Kevin Zegers, American to English. Rai-Uno. Directed by Damien Donnelly.
Albert Nobbs (ADR) (2012) Aaron Johnson, English to Dublin, Mia Wasikowska, Australian to Dublin, Janet McTeer, RP to Dublin. Parallel Films.
Shadow Dancer (2012) Andrea Riseborough, English to Belfast.
Game of Thrones Series 1 (2011) As pilot (various directors).
Anonymous (2011) Main Cast German to RP, regional English to RP. Centropolis. Directed by Roland Emmerich
Unknown White Male (2010) Diane Kruger, American-German to Bosnian Serb. Dark Castle Entertainment. Directed by Jaume Collet-Sera
Game of Thrones (Pilot) (2009) Nikolai Coster-Waldau, Danish to RP, Alfie Allen, Kit Jennifer Ehle, Peter Dinklage, American to RP Richard Maden, Scottish to Northern English Alfie Allen, Kit Harington, Southern English to Northern English. HBO. Directed by Tom McCarthy
Your Highness (2009) Natalie Portman, James Franco, Danny McBride, Zooey Deschanal, Justin Theroux, – American to RP and Estuarine English. Universal. Directed by David Gordon Green
The Long Walk (AKA The Way Back) (2009) Jim Sturgess, Saoirse Ronan, Colin Farrell – English & Irish to Polish/Russian (PREP). Independent. Directed by Peter Weir
Perrier’s Bounty (2008) Jim Broadbent – English to Dublin. Parallel Films. Directed by Jim Fitzgibbon
A Shine of Rainbows (2008) Connie Neilson, Aidan Quinn, John Bell – Danish, American, Scottish to North Western Irish. Sepia Films. Directed by Vic Sarin
Cherrybomb (2008) Rupert Grint, Kimberley Nixon, Robert Sheehan – English, Cork City, English to Belfast. Generator Films/Mark Huffam, Directed by Glen Leyburn and Lisa Barros d’Sa.
Ghost Machine (2008) Rachael Taylor – Australian to American. Generator Films/Mark Huffam. Directed by Chris Hartwell.
The Return (aka Father and Son) TV, Dougray Scott – Scottish to Manchester English. Green Park Films. Directed by Brian Kirk.
Ondine (2008) Colin Farrell – Dublin to South Western Irish. Company of Wolves. Directed by Neil Jordan.
City of Ember (2008) Harry Treadaway, Saoirse Ronan – English, Irish to Std American. Playtone. Directed by Gil Keenan
Fifty Dead Men Walking (2008) Jim Sturgess, Kevin Zeegers, Rose Magowan – English, American to Belfast. Future Films. Directed by Kari Skogland
10,000 BC (2008) Steven Strait, Camilla Belle, Cliff Curtis, Mona Hammond + Cast – American, New Zealand, English to Middle-East Standard English, & Language Construction. Warner Bros. Directed by Roland Emmerich.
Miss Conception (2008) Heather Graham – American to English. Independent. Directed by Eric Styles.
… aka Miss Conception (USA: new title)
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007) (dialect coach: Sacha Baron Cohen) Sacha Baron Cohen – English to Italian, Cockney, Irish. Warner Bros. Directed by Tim Burton
P.S. I Love You (2007) Gerard Butler – Scottish to Irish. Independent. Directed by Richard LaGraven.
The Painted Veil (2006) Edward Norton, Naomi Watts, Liv Schreiber – American, Australian to Std. English. Yari Films. Directed by John Curran
Middletown (2006) Matthew MacFadyen – English to Ulster Scots. Green Park Films. Directed by Brian Kirk.
The Illusionist (2006) Edward Norton, Paul Giamatti, Jessica Biel – American to Viennese English. Yari Films. Directed by Neil Berger
Last Holiday (2006) (dialogue coach: Gerard Depardieu – Accent Reduction. Paramount. Directed by Wayne Wang.
Breakfast On Pluto (2005)
Cillian Murphy, Eva Birthistle – Southern Irish to Northern Irish. Company of Wolves. Directed by Neil Jordan.
Tara Road (2005) Iain Glenn, Olivia Williams – Scottish, English to Dublin. Independent. Directed by Gillies McKinnon.
Kingdom of Heaven (2005) Edward Norton – American to Std.English. 20th Century Fox. Directed by Ridley Scott.
Sahara (2005) Penelope Cruz- Spanish to American Hispanic: Misc. cast English to West African, Paramount, Directed by Breck Eisner
Asylum (2005) Martin Czorkas – New Zealand to Std English. Independent. Directed by David Mackenzie.
The Mighty Celt (2005) (dialect coach)
The Bridge of San Luis Rey (2004) Robert De Niro, Harvey Keitel, Kathy Bates, Gabriel Byrne, Dominique Pinon – American, Irish, French to American Theatre Standard. Independent. Directed by Mary McGuckian.
Inside I’m Dancing aka Rory O’Shea Was Here (USA) (2004) James McAvoy, Romola Garai, Stephen Robertson – Scottish, English to Dublin. Clingfilms Ireland. Directed by Damien O’Donnell.
Ella Enchanted (2004) (dialect coach) Jimi Mistri, Minnie Driver – English to American. Miramax. Directed by Tommy O’Havers.
Veronica Guerin (2003) Cate Blanchett, Ciaran Hinds, Ger McSorley – Australian, Irish to Dublin. Touchstone/ Bruckheimer. Directed by Joel Schumacher.
Song for a Raggy Boy (2003) Aidan Quinn, Iain Glenn, Mark Warren – American, Scottish, English to South West Ireland. Subotica Dublin. Directed by Aisling Walsh.
Evelyn (2002) Pierce Brosnan, Julianna Margolis – Irish, American to Dublin. Irish Dream Time/United Artists. Directed by Bruce Beresford.
Buffalo Soldiers (2001) Anna Paquin – New Zealand to American. Miramax. Directed by Gregor Jordan.
An Everlasting Piece (2000) Billy Connolly – Scottish to Northern Irish. Independent . Directed by Barry Levinson.
Snatch. (2000): Brad Pitt – American to Irish Traveller. Columbia Tri-Star. Directed by Guy Ritchie.
Mad About Mambo (2000) Keri Russell, Will Ash – American, English to Northern Irish. Independent. Directed by John Forte
Ordinary Decent Criminal (2000) Kevin Spacey – American to Dublin. Little Bird, Directed by Thaddeus O’Sullivan.
The Prince and the Pauper (2000) Aidan Quinn – American to Std. English. Hallmark, Directed by Giles Foster.
Meet Joe Black (1998) Brad Pitt – American to Jamaican. Universal. Directed by Martin Brest.
The Boxer (1997) Daniel Day Lewis, Emily Watson – English to Belfast. Universal. Directed by Jim Sheridan.
The Jackal (1997) Richard Gere – American to Irish. Universal. Directed by Michael Clayton-Jones.
The Butcher Boy (1997) Stephen Rea – Northern Irish to Southern Irish. Company of Wolves. Directed by Neil Jordan.
The Devil’s Own (1997) Brad Pitt – American to Belfast. Columbia TriStar. Directed by Alan Pakula.
Michael Collins (1996) Liam Neeson, Julia Roberts, Stephen Rea, Alan Rickman, Aidan Quinn, Ian Harte – Irish, American, English to various Irish dialects. Geffen/Warner Bros. Directed by Neil Jordan.
Moll Flanders (1996) Robin Wright Penn, Morgan Freeman, Stockard Channing – American to Std. English. MGM. Directed by Pen Densham.
Nothing Personal (1995) James Frayn, Ian Harte – English to Belfast. Little Bird. Directed by Thaddeus O’Sullivan.
Circle of Friends (1995) Chris O’Donnell, Minnie Driver, Saffron Burrows – American, English to Irish. Savoy. Directed by Pat O’Connor.
Widows’ Peak (1994) Mia Farrow, Joan Plowright, Jim Broadbent – American, English to Irish, Rank. Directed by John Irvin.
In the Name of the Father (1993) Daniel Day Lewis, Pete Postlethwaite – English to Belfast. Universal. Directed by Jim Sheridan.
Into the West (1992) Ellen Barkin, Gabriel Byrne, Ciaran Fitzgerald, Rory Conroy. Little Bird. Directed by Mike Newell.
The Playboys (1992) Robin Wright Penn, Aidan Quinn, Albert Finney – American, English to Various Irish Dialects. Goldwyn. Directed by Gillies Mackinnon.
December Bride (1991) Saskia Reeves – English to Northern Irish. Little Bird. Directed by Thaddeus O’Sullivan.
Hush-a-Bye Baby (1990) Sinead O’Connor – Southern Irish to Northern Irish,  Independent. Directed by Margot Harkin.
Fools of Fortune (1990) Iain Glenn, Michael Kitchen – Scottish, English to Irish, Independent. Directed by Pat O’Connor.
The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne (1987) Maggie Smith, Bob Hoskins, Prunella Scales – English to Dublin. Independent. Directed by Jack Clayton.
A Prayer for the Dying (1987) Mickey Rourke – American to Belfast. Goldwyn. Directed by Mike Hodges.


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