Kind Words

“A dialect coach is a very tricky job indeed. It’s a constant question of striking the right balance between correcting and improving the actors work and not discouraging him or her. Nothing is scarier for an actor that to get the feeling that it sounds weird. Especially when you think you sound perfect. Obviously it also demands a great ear and skill and patience to be a great Coach. I have over the years worked with a number of coaches and I rank Brendan at the very top. Brendan made me feel that I solved all the problems myself. Which I didnt. He managed to do as much as he could without hurting the performance. A good accent is the one where you don’t think about it when watching the actor. And where I, the actor don’t worry about when shooting the scene. The end result was as good as I could have hoped for. And that Brendan also is very funny and pleasant company is only a bonus. I strongly recommend Brendan.”
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Game of Thrones)

“I loved working with you. It was my most positive and helpful experience with a dialect coach. Also you are a fantastic person!”
Heather Graham

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Brendan Gunn four times as my dialect coach – I can’t imagine doing an Irish film without him.”
Aidan Quinn (Song for a Raggy Boy, Shine of Rainbows, Evelyn, Michael Collins)

“I have used Brendan Gunn many times over the years working on variety of accents. He is very detailed and precise while liberating you to find the right character voice. He understands the actors process. Gently guiding towards authenticity and opening up possibilities in any given scene. They don’t come any better than Brendan.”
Iain Glen

“Brendan Gunn’s specificity and attention to detail where tone, naturalism and originality are concerned enabled me to further understand ‘Colette’. This man has a very big ear and a bigger heart.”
Andrea Riseborough (Colette – Shadow Dancer)

Brendan Gunn: An Unsung Hero of the Irish Film Industry